Come with us on a journey towards your self development and growth

All of us need someone to inspires us to do better and recommends us how to do it .

Self-awareness, self-happiness

ComeMit help you to Increase your self-awareness and identify negative influences and early warning signs of your health deterioration by professional, scientific-based mood tracking and journaling.

Self goals, Self improvement

ComeMit Provide you an appropriate, promising goal-setting platform to track your life goals based on the most famous successful goal setting method, OKR (Objective and key Result).

Valuable growing resources, Self-learning

You can use our valuable growing resources of courses and predefined self-improvement goals and contents provided by the specialists and psychologists in all aspects of self-growth and development .

Personalised Recommendation, Self-coaching

ComeMit is your personal coach by giving you personalized recommendations based on your moods, goals and self-development process.

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