Increase your business success through happier, more engaged, thriving employees.

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Growth on the personal level brings more passionate about life and work. It Increases productivity and maximizes the value of employees to the organization.


Providing the necessary contents and tools to enable employees self-learning and improvement, creates a higher level of engagement and motivation at work.


Giving people the opportunities to grow and learn, and letting them know there is room for self improvement in the company retain more talents.

I am a Manager

I care about my employees growth.

While more than a quarter of employees are at high risk of turnover, focusing on their engagement is really worth it.

How  It  Works?

engagament in your team

I have my own passion

I care about my self improvement and growth.

All of us need someone to inspires us to do better and recommends us how to do it. ComeMit is that AI-based coach for your self improvement journey,

How  It  Works?

engagement as an employee

Start your Self Improvement journey now


Smart coaching

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Continues Puls-checks

Real Time Analysis and Reports

Gamification and recognition

Company-mood Index

Performance monitoring and reports

Engagement and motivation recommendation

Health team challenges

Management solution recommendation

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