This is us...

We are a fast-growing company specialized in Data Science, People analytics, HR and Behavioral changes.

We have a big Why in our mind 'Transforming all the workplaces to a Great place to work, where people feel more engaged, motivated and improved at work'.

We were all employees, we have all felt the feeling of disengagement and demotivation at work.

Now we have been spending more than two years of research, analysis, and evaluation to help all the employees feel more engaged and thrilled at work.

Join us if you are a kind of manager who cares about the people's engagement and development and want to retain the talents in his/her team.

Fatemeh Amiri
Master of Informatics, RWTH Aachen university
Mohammadhassan Khodashahi
Master of computer science, Bonn university

This is our amazing board of advisors

Dr. Johanna Dahm
HR & Talent management advisor
Unternehmensberaterin für Entscheidungsfindung, Potenzialentfaltung und Nachfolgemanagement
Peter Monitor
Diplom Consultant (SGBS-CH)
Senator im Senat der Wirtschaft
Linda Bosse
Business Development advisor
Strategische Karriereentwicklung und Performance