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who have a big passion for exploring and learning new things or want to master the hottest career fields

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who want to consolidate and up-skill their people to develop meaningful insights internally

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who want to build up their knowledge and be able to exchange information with the right stakeholders

Trending Full Courses

Python: Data Science and ML Full course

English and Farsi courses

Learn from scratch everything you need to become a Data Scientist and start your career in this field …

HRTech: People Analytics

English and Farsi courses

Learn from scratch the concept of people Analytics, it’s trending approaches in European companies and how to become data-driven HR …

r: Data visualization

English and Farsi courses

Learn from scratch everything you need to know to
convert the nonsense numbers to meaningful plots and visualizations in R …

Microsoft: Power BI 101

English and Farsi courses

Learn from scratch how to deal with raw, unstructured data and provide a structured solution and identify
insights and data story to publish and distribute the result, all with one
software, Power BI…

Trending Workshops

Startups: How to make it in Germany

English and Farsi sessions

Gain a perfect insight into the Startup world in Germany from an international founder’s perspective. What to do if you have a business idea, how to apply for accelerators, which funds and investments are possible and how to apply…

AI: Future of the Work

English and Farsi sessions

The advances in technology have changed many characteristics of work and other human activities.
We will also need to acquire new skills and adapt to collaborate with the increasingly capable machines alongside them in the workplace.

Power BI: From Raw Data To Interactive Dashboards In 2 Days 

English and Farsi sessions

Spend a weekend and learn from scratch the Business intelligence concept in Power BI. Learn how to provide a structured solution and identify insights from your business data-set.

Python: Become a Programmer over the Weekend

English and Farsi sessions

Become a programmer was always a dream for you?
Here is the start point. Learn the concept of logical thinking and immediately start to code and create your first python application during the weekend.

AI: Machine Learning in Python,two Full days

English and Farsi sessions

You have already started to learn python but want to add the ML insight into it?
This Machine Learning crash course is perfect chance to push your skill Ten step further but in juts Two days.

R: weekend for Visualization

English and Farsi sessions

Spend a weekend to learn R from the scratch and visualize your data in the best possible way.

Not Sure which course is perfect for you?

Take part in the Free introduction Webinar session of the course and ask your questions from the instructor

Why ComeMit Academy?


Experienced Instructors

who have more than years experience in High-Tech with lecturing background at top universities in Germany


Guest Speaker Sessions

with international specialists in Data science, HR and Recruitment who can coach you perfectly to improve your soft skills and prepare yourself for your future career


ComeMit Certificate

to showcase your competency, commitment and technical skills you will learn during each course


Projects-based Training based on Market Trends

to fill-up your resume with professional use cases and become ready for the market opportunities


Completely live and Online

to give you the possibility of having real-time interaction, ask your questions and learn from others


One Month Free Mentorship After each course

to support you in your data-scientist journey and accompany you to become Data-expert

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