Data Science and ML

OpenUp your Rooms

We want to welcome the first group of ComeMit Academy’s scholarship holders for the current online Data Science Course. Although we couldn’t find any sponsor, we have supported four brilliant students from the top universities with a full scholarship with our available budget. 
We are trying to support all enthusiastic and brilliant students from developing countries, especially in the middle-east region, to learn the top trending skills in the digitalized world and find an excellent job with a satisfying salary. 

Currently, we are organizing online gatherings and courses. However, in the post-pandemic era, we hope to expand our activities and organize our events in person.  

How to get in touch:
Our office is in Bonn, DigitalHub.
Send us an Email through:

Share Knowledge

ComeMit, as an HR tech startup, believes that what makes an employee or even employer successful in their position is a combination of soft and technical skills. That’s why our courses encompass several live session with guest speakers who are expert in consulting and self-development field. 
Online platforms have facilitated connections, and we could gather specialist in the different scientific domains (mechanical engineering, physics, biology, aerology, accounting and other) from all over the world to learn data science. 
Our vision is that everyone could equally have access to the trending knowledge of the world and apply them in their work. 

Share your specialist knowledge!

We are organizing a set of free online webinars about data science applications in different fields. If you are currently working as a data scientist in your profession, we would be happy to share your experience with others and show our students how data science and data-driven decisions have revolutionized the academic and business fields. Although still most of it is not very popular among people and they prefer the traditional processes. 

Suppose you are an expert and join us as a guest speaker and introduce our group as data scientists to your company or scientific department. This partnership would be a two-way relationship in which we will promote our activities and support each other.

 Please contact us through E-mail:

Make Donations

ComeMit offers the opportunity to international students to benefit from Academy scholarship and develop their technical and soft skills together. The program could not continue without support from members and sponsors. 
Each semester we could arrange programs relating to data science application and Softwares with the help of experts in each domain, not only from Germany but also from all over the world. Online platforms have made it possible to broaden our network and absorb talents from different centres to share their knowledge. Nevertheless, it couldn’t be possible without the help of those who promoted our events and helped us spread the word. But to continue our activities and organize more events, we need financial support and need to receive donations. 

Support us! 

Since October, we could continue our Academy’s activities with the help and support of our community and friends and our budget. But from now on, we need to broaden our connections and find partners. By receiving donations, we would be able to donate a scholarship to more students. 
You can become a member and sponsor our students for the long term. Or you can make a single donation. 
You can target a specific program or specific group of students in developing countries to receive your support. For more information, call us/or email us:

Many thanks for your donations! 

Become a Sponsor

In the past year, we have tried to reach international students from Iran, Germany, Canada, France, and guest speakers from the USA. We are trying to reach more students and guest academics from abroad. We need to increase our activities and host programs, and partner with companies and research centres. 

Support the association in the long term 

You can support the further development of the association by making regular donations as a long-term sponsor. By filling out our membership request, you can add a monthly donation and benefit from discounts in our programs, and we will always mention you and your business at all events and promote your activities. 

As a sponsoring member, your support can be purely financial, or you can get actively involved in our events. On this basis, you can build international relations with experts in academic parts and business fields. You can absorb talents from all over the world to join your programs. And above all, you can raise awareness for your activities in an international specialist audience. 
This two-way road can promote and develop both sides’ activities and internationalize them. Besides, it gives the talents from everywhere, especially from developing countries, to reach experts, learn from them, prove their abilities, and find their place in international societies.