AI for HR : what are the next trends in human resource?

We live in a world of automation, artificial intelligence, and smart  systems. Human resource has also a big room for improvement in different kinds of the process. For instance recruiting, engaging and retaining the talents. Using Artificial intelligence(AI) within human resource solutions(HR) will accelerate their process and make them more accurate. AI works with the data. on the other hand, human resource will perform better in the case of having more analysis of their huge datasets. These are the possible examples of how AI can improve the HR workflows in different companies:

AI can help HR in making the recruiting easier and quicker

Manually screening resumes is still the most time-consuming tasks in recruiting process of HR departments. 52% of HR leaders say that the hardest part of the recruiting is recognizing the right candidate with the right skills and background among the large number of resumes. By using AI some parts of this repetitive manual screening tasks can be automated. Machine learning algorithms can auto-screen the candidate resumes. Then it can categorize those which are more relevant to each position.  It will definitely save the HR department time and improve the quality of their hiring through standardized job matching.

AI can make employee on-boarding process more effective

Making a good employee experience by on-boarding them effectively has a direct relationship. The first 90 days of the new employees experience is vital for engaging them  to stay longer in that company. As research shows, when employees go through well-structured on-boarding, they are 58% more likely to remain with the organization after three years. Therefore, artificial intelligence can show its important effect for HR in this process too. For instance, a smart chatbot to answer all the relevant questions of the new employees about the company, the teams and the process can make their first working days more pleasant and unstressed. With certain defined rules and algorithms, It starts engaging with every new hired employees with personalised interaction and works like a 24×7 Assistant for each individual.


AI can make employee performance development personalized

Each employee has different skills, interests and attitudes in his job. They all want to improve, but managers rarely spend enough time to provide their employees different hints about improving their skills and performance. AI can facilitate this process for managers too. Accordingly, by gathering enough data about each employees, his position and his skills, machine learning algorithms can provide guidance on the actions others in similar positions may have token to progress in different companies. By examining past performance trends, AI can recommend customized training and learning recommendations based on employees skills and positions.

AI can predict employee engagement level and his attrition rate

Employee engagement depends on many important factors inside the organizations. While different employees require different  benefits, rewards, motivation and recommendations. Smart systems can learn from the previous patterns and determine a baseline of engagement factors for each characteristics and define a turnover pattern based on the employee expectations and dissatisfaction.

So AI is everywhere these days. These are just four possible ways to use artificial intelligence in human resources.

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