3 ways to get real feedback from your employees

Employee feedback, Is it worth to try?

If you have your own company or your team, have ever ask their real-time feedback at work? How do you know that you are leading your team in the right direction?  What do you do to find out that you are rightly challenging your team? Furthermore, how can you shift employees for getting better efficiency? Have you ever asked your people’s feedback about their job and tasks?

These are essential questions that each manager might ask himself everyday.

What is your point of view about these questions? How much do you know about your employees’s feedback? 

Why employee’s feedback is important?

Gallup has reported: only 26% of the U.S. working population is engaged that means they are fully effective and efficient.

 55% are disengaged or prefer other jobs than their current occupation

19% are actively disengaged. if they had an opportunity, they would leave their job soon.

 Whereas most of the companies are suffering from the lack of experienced staff or professional employees, “between 50% to 150% of annual salary depending on the role and level of seniority”, estimated by Mercer is  the cost of staff turnover. Now it becomes clear why employee engagement is playing the main role in the business.

According to recent research of leadership training expert Dan Bobinski:

“Millions of dollars are lost every day in organizations simply because of poor listening,” 

Why managers are usually afraid to listen up to their employees?

One of the reasons could be that managers give the impression of agreeing with something they don’t believe or support as Bobinski has mentioned.

Another possible reason is that bosses may not listen properly or that they don’t want to listen to those feedbacks that may make them reconsider their perspective.

They may fear that they won’t have a chance to express their attitude during the conversation.

Fear of listening can be overcome. besides, Bobinski offers a bit of reassurance: 

“Truly understanding someone else’s point of view does not come naturally. It’s a learned skill that always requires effort.”

Remember that your people are your resources!

Who do you think that could point out the growth opportunities better than your employees? They’re the ones who work with you everyday. they are in your team, and you can choose whether you use their experience and opinions to succeed or not.

Moreover, when you ask them to give their feedback on your project, you’re showing your employees that you trust and value their opinion. let them know that you are a sympathetic manager. And when you give them trust, you’re will get their trust in return.

So here are some methods to encourage your employees to give their honest feedback:

Specify your goals

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.What do you want to achieve by getting your employees’ feedback? For example, you want their feedback to realize which employees are unsatisfied about their job and prevent them from leaving their current job.

These types of questions might be helpful to ask:

  • What is working well here in your opinion?
  • How can we continue to reach out to success?
  • Which part of our job could be improved?
  • What can be changed to make this up?

By having clear purposes and aims you will be able to tailor your approach to getting honest feedback from your employees. This will not only save you money or time, it will also set the stage for your project’s success.

Conduct a survey

If planned and conducted correctly, employee surveys can provide precious feedback to any organization and be an efficient performance management tool. Organizations can manage employee survey data to create strategies to improve staff retention and boost productivity, as well as provide a benchmark to measure continuous development.

Apply the required changes

After gathering feedback and suggestions, your employees will be looking for you to work on the feedback which they have provided to you. It wouldn’t have any effect if you receive all the feedback and don’t want to use it for making essential changes within your company. To make it more valuable, 

share some of the survey results with your team and provide information about the goals that have been set based on the feedback gathered. The most important fact is that you are not just collecting data and saving in your files, you are doing something effective and valuable for the sake of your people and business, so plan for changes and make them as realistic as possible.

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