How chatbots increase employee engagement?

Being able to communicate correctly with the employees is an essential key as a leader, especially when you are not bringing positive news inevitably. But  recently chatbots have solved the communication problem by becoming an intermediate layer at the companies.

They integrate with the existing systems and present a much easier user experience for employees and employers. 

For most of the people, the feeling of bothering others’ emotions and handling possible irritating and inconvenience keeps them back to talk with others frankly and give them honest feedback.

But, the result of doing and telling nothing can be even worse especially at the workplace. 

Chatbots can improve the culture

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language.

They can play a significant role in having a transparent culture . They ask honest feedback from people and recommend a real-time solution to reduce the pain at the moment. So they are highly capable of developing employee engagement while reducing the amount of time and expenses. 

If the culture of speaking about the problems and hearing others’ feedback ignored or left unresolved, it would not only break the employees’ reliability but also break the company’s honesty and business success. In today’s modern world, entrusting to AI-chatbots can help to create that culture.

Chatbots can improve the company’s transparency by sending accurate notifications and information whenever it’s needed. So they perform a significant part in transmitting the employee experience to the office.

Chatbots use cases in modern workplace


One of the most important and challenging tasks at the HR departments is finding the right candidates from the crowd. Chatbots can make the recruiting process more comfortable. They will check the required skills through the resumes, ask the necessary primary questions from the candidates and send them regular updates and reminders about the process. Chatbots can also answer any possible questions about the job description,  the team details and roles to create a positive candidate experience.

Then HR managers can start those tasks which require human emotional intelligence. The process of recognizing the best candidates based on the provided analysis wouldn’t be so much time-consuming after that. Therefore chatbots can reduce the required time of finding the best applicant by more than half. 


Chatbot’s conversation power allows the companies to quickly and efficiently tell their new employees what they should know about them. Especially, hr-related paperworks can become automated during the on-boarding and more humanized processes can easily be carried out by HRs. Employees can also get immediate replies to their questions and they do not need to wait for the HRs for answering the same repeated questions several times. They can also request for their vacations, days off and holidays through chatbots and receive instant responses from them.

Employees feedback

Chatbots can receive reviews from employees in a conversational process.  They can ask deeper questions based on the problematic issues at the office to discover the real source of unhappiness. They can also recommend a real-time solution to engage people faster and easier. Furthermore, employees can also offer their suggestions, request for advice, give recommendations, and concentrate on ways to enhance their operation.

Our employee engagement chatbot uses artificial intelligence to improve the feedback culture at the companies. Ask for a free demo to discover the real effect of a chatbot for increasing employee engagement.